Friday, December 13, 2013

Lord & Taylor Christmas Windows 2013

The windows theme “Christmas in New York”

This year, the windows are inspired by vintage New York City, each vignette contains antique postcard-like cut outs which move and alter the scenes,capturing the city's history of tradition and heritage.

  And what New Yorker do on Christmas eve ? They shop...

The windows are created by a team of over 50 people over the course of nine months. 

The windows are created in a workshop underneath the Fifth Avenue sidewalk and are then moved onto street level. They are the only department store windows on hydraulics.


A bientôt,
Pierre Candra

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HOLIDAYS ON ICE,Bergdorf Goodman Xmas windows

Like every year I was very exited to go discover the new BG Holidays windows, here some pictures...

Holidays on Ice are the Holidays from throughout the year reimagined as magical wintry scenes.

David Hoey,Senior Director of Visual Presentation say that it take a year of planning and production and that about 100 people work on the windows over the course of the year.

A bientôt,
Pierre Candra